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Over the past 14-years the members of our team have been widely acknowledged for leadership in rural broadband. We have the unique blend of both business and technology expertise as well as the added benefit of policy knowledge.  We have three key areas to our services; strategic planning, technical design and grant assistance. Keenwire’s mission is to deliver value to our clients; we become a partner and advocate. We help our clients assess their situation by leveraging our knowledge and expertise to continually empower them on the path to achieve their goals.

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Rural Broadband Networks

In 2000 broadband was quite new and rural broadband wasn’t a cool or political buzzword.  It is since then that Keenwire has been planning, modeling, designing and supporting rural broadband networks.  And for the last decade Keenwire has been involved in federal policy issues concerning broadband, spectrum and Internet with the FCC, Congress, US Senate and leading think tanks.  Today, there is no question that broadband Internet is a utility like any other, critical infrastructure to economic development, quality of life, education and government service.

We can help assess the opportunities (funding, structure, ROI, policy) and design networks like fiber (WDM, FTTH, PON) and wireless (Microwave, 4G, Mesh, Wi-Fi).  Keenwire can provide knowledge, insight and expertise to answer these questions and provide project management and support.

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Mobile Communications

It’s not just about broadband, communications at large are driving the 21st century.  Cellular mobility (voice and data), public safety/two-way radio, and the evolution of traditional phone to voice and video over the Internet.  The transition of public safety systems to LTE 700MHz and NG-911 bring new issues of coverage and integration to the forefront.  New platforms of communicating like Twitter and Facebook (social media) have people desiring mobile connectivity – with business, governments and public safety following suit.

Communications have a substantial effect on economic development, social welfare and quality of life.  Keenwire has assisted entities in assessing and addressing the issues of availability and quality of cellular and public safety connectivity in their communities.

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